# Security Software Engineer & Builder

Hey, I'm Robert - It's great to meet you.

I'm a software engineer who's passionate about security. I spend my days working for GitHub's Application Security team helping to secure millions of deployments and code repos every year. At night, I'm hacking away at whatever suits my fancy - Startups, bug bounties, or just a new recipe.

# Projects

ReqSink (opens new window) -> A macOS app to receive and visualize HTTP and DNS requests

RawCode - Raw Barcode & QR Scanner (opens new window) -> See the raw contents of Barcodes and QR codes

Rapid Recipe (opens new window) -> Reader Mode for Recipes - A Safari Extension

HULOG (opens new window) -> A log for humans. A custom macOS app to take notes in the form of a log.

raptair.ai (opens new window) -> Harnessing real time object detection along with a mesh of image sensors to autonomously deter pests via land anad air.

Car Care Checklists (opens new window) -> Notion checklists to simplify your vehicle maintenance records.


# GitHub

# Application Security

  • Red Team Ops
  • Software Development
  • Bounty Management

# Microsoft

# Azure DevOps

  • Driving organizational security goals
  • Implementing critical security features
  • Leading red team operations
  • Evangelizing security for the Azure DevOps Product


# Marketplace

  • Delivered services for testing cloud services before deployment in special regions
  • Lead efforts for security certifications
  • Drove daily standups and sprint plannings
  • Managed workload across team, ensuring timely delivery of features with sustained uptime
  • Scrum Master